Previous years activities and photographs (from 2010)
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In 2010 our speakers’ topics included The Role of the Community Support Officer, Benefits Obtainable Through The Pensions Service, Backpacking In Africa, The Evergreen State, West Mercia Police (by an Assistant Chief Constable), The Woodland Trust, Herefordshire Tourism, The European Parliament (by an MEP), A Day In The Life of A National Trust Property Manager, Arrive Alive (Road Safety), My War (as a boy in London), Climbing In Scotland And The Alps, Heartstart, Counselling, From Amsterdam To Budapest, Whyle House Lamb, A To Z Of Herefordshire, A Potted History Of Potting, Ironbridge And Coalbrookdale, Hereford Cathedral, Wild In West Wales, Cruising In The Aegean, History Of The Hereford And Gloucester Canal, and The British Motor Cycle Industry. We also enjoyed several members’ CVs and a quiz.
St . Ethelbert's Day celebration service 20th May 2010
In 2011 our speakers’ topics included ‘The Shazam! Show’, A Career in Military Music, A Visit to Oberammergau, The Woodland Trust - Credenhill, Policing in Herefordshire, A Pilgrimage to Compostela, Herefordshire Technical College, USA Coast to Coast by Train, The Monmouth Rebellion, ‘Crime and Scene Explained’, Modern and Post Modern Art, A Year in the Life of a Digital Camera, A Pottery Making Demonstration, The European Parliament (by an MEP), Herefordshire Council, The World College in Costa Rica, The British Motor Cycle Industry, ‘Another Man’s Shoes’, ‘A Brush with the Hindu Kush’, First Year as a Member of Parliament, Hereford Futures, ‘My War’, ‘Dialogue’, The Little Princess Trust, Old Hereford in Colour, ‘Memories of My Mother’, Art as Therapy, Cadbury’s, The Health and Safety Executive, and The Haven. We also enjoyed several members’ CVs, a poetry day and another of John’s quizzes.
St. Ethelbert’s Day 2011
In 2012 our speakers’ topics included The Herefordshire MS Therapy Centre, The Vikings, The Art of Propaganda, The Island of Madagascar Scenery and its Unique Wildlife, ‘Building and First Voyage of VLCC’, ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back’, A Visit to Rajahstan,  ‘Memories of My Mother’ (continued), ‘English Today’, ‘Forty Years on the Amateur Stage’, Old Hereford in Colour (continued), The Falklands Islands invasion, The Justice System, The World College in Costa Rica (continued), Aspire, Cathedral Close refurbishment, The Game of Bowls, The Caledonial Canal, The Herefordshire Association of Local Councils, The Work of a Solicitor, Hereford Futures - an update, Russia by Riverboat on the Volga, The Work of a Road Safety Officer, S&A Produce, The AA, The European Parliament (by an MEP), Fractal Art and A visit to Indochina. We also enjoyed several members’ CVs, ‘Desert Island Discs’ and another of John’s quizzes.
St. Ethelbert’s Day celebration 2012
Club members with Anthea McIntyre MEP who was our speaker at the 30th October 2012 meeting
In 2013 (our 35th year) our speakers’ topics included Bartestree Convent, Falklands Wildlife, ‘Route 66’, The Royal National College for the Blind, St. Helena and Ascension Island, Wye Valley Brewery, ‘Same But Different’, Cargill Meats, the role of  Police and Crime Commissioner, the Healthy Lifestyle Trainer Service, Leadership of Herefordshire Council, Working with Police Dogs, Handelsbanken Bank, Western Power Distribution, the Old Livestock Market Development, a Visit to China, ‘Tax, Care and Toy Boys', Road Safety, Moths and Butterflies of Herefordshire, Breathing for Health, the work of the Hope and Peace Trust in Nicaragua, ‘Growing up in London During World War 2’, Parliamentary Candidate for Hereford and Herefordshire South, Thomas Telford, EnviroSort, The Lords Tredegar and Aneurysms. We also enjoyed several members’ CVs, a poetry day, ‘Desert Island Discs’ and Roger’s quiz.

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Club members and our guests at the European Parliament in Brussels on 14th May 2013
In 2014 our speakers’ topics included Life in The Parachute Regiment, The National Back Pain Epidemic, Archery, St. Michael’s Hospice, Churches of Herefordshire, Doing Business in Herefordshire, Dial-A-Ride, Fitness & Physiotherapy, An ‘Evening’ With Randy, ‘Brunel - a Victorian Genius’, The Courtyard Theatre, ‘Changing Currency in Botswana’, The Institute of Advanced Motorists, The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templar, The Hereford Food Bank, Tanzania, Wealth Management, ‘You Can Live Well  with Dementia’, The Mappa Mundi, ‘Past Experiences and Future Challenges’ with the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, The City of London and its Institutions, Healthwatch Herefordshire, ‘My Liverpool Home’, the New Herefordshire University Project, The Hereford Civic Society, The Nickel Business, Gypsies & Travellers, ‘Soldier and Preacher Too’, Eastnor Castle, ‘Living with Sight Loss and Yasmine’, The Three Counties Agricultural Show and ‘The Life and Times of a Jeweller’. We also enjoyed  ‘Call My Bluff’, Roger’s quiz and films about the River Wye and the Mayors of Hereford.
‘Fun at the farm’ - 7th August 2014
In 2015 our guest and club member speakers’ topics included ‘Music Along The Way’, ‘Work As A GP In East Anglia (Be Afraid, Very Afraid)’, ‘Tales From The Newsroom’, Clairvoyance, Hereford Cattle, ‘Dream, Drive, Love’, ‘The Reluctant Beekeeper’, The Knights of St. John, The Crusaders, Knights Templar and Sir Thomas Coningsby, The Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, ‘The Fainting Phenomenon’, a ‘open day’ with a talk by the Dean of Hereford, ‘Galapagos, The Enchanted Isles’, a talk by the Leader of Herefordshire Council, ‘In Search Of Hi-Fi’, Videos of visits to Central Europe and Ireland, Local Policing in Hereford, Wills and Estates, ‘Inventing The Future’, ‘An Art Historical View of Christian Propaganda’, The Alfred Watkins Manuscript, ‘What Music Means To Us All’, ‘Tracks Of Africa’, ‘The Leaving Of Liverpool’, ‘Flying With The ATC’, ‘The Hauntings And Horrors Of Hereford’, The Knights of Malta and Lions International. We also reviewed the results of a survey of members’ thoughts about the club, enjoyed ‘Desert Island Discs’, Randy’s reading of the story of Miss McGlyn, two members’ CVs, a poetry morning, a members’ hobbies morning, a visit by the Hereford Hand Bell Ringers, another of Roger’s quizzes and two meetings of member produced videos including an explanation of how they are made.

Miss McGlyn by Naomi Langford

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Annual (AGM) Lunch - 25th March 2015
Prizes for our Christmas Draw 2015
St. Ethelbert’s Day visit to the Deanery and the St. Ethelbert shrine at the Cathedral 20th May 2015
Fun at the Farm 6th August 2015
Our ‘Literary Greats in Herefordshire’ Tour 19th August 2015
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In 2016 our guest and club member speakers’ topics included ‘Where Your Food Comes From’,  ‘Life In A Tanzanian School’, The Midlands Air Ambulance, Awareness Of Scams, ‘Fifty Six And Out’, ‘Mysteries Of The Baptismal Font’, ‘Hereford City Civic & Community Development’, Violette Szarbo George Cross, Raleigh International Trust project in Nicaragua, Mountain Rescue, Engraving, Cider Making and Pop Group Management, Herefordshire Archive & Records Centre, Library and Books, Astronomy, Clog making, The English Civil War In Hereford, My Father’s History WW1, Inheritance Tax Planning, ‘A Worm’s Eye View of Business’, Amusing and Saucy Postcards, A Visit to Auschwitz, The History of Hereford Theatre, The Parish That Disappeared and The New Herefordshire University Project.

We also enjoyed three club members’ CVs, ‘Desert Island Discs - All Together On A Desert Island’, ‘Call My Bluff’, ‘My Favourite Book’, a visit by the Hereford Hand Bell Ringers, and our  annual quiz.

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39th AGM 15th March 2016 and AGM lunch the following day
St. Ethelbert’s Day 20th May 2016
Michael Morris Memorial Party 17th August 2016
St Augustine School in Tanzania
Following a talk by Steve Chandler about the St Augustine School in Tanzania, Ronaldo donated a refurbished and re-engraved redundant cup of his to the school for their sports activity. The photograph shows Steve with the 'St. Augustine with St Ethelbert Probus Challenge Cup'.
In 2017 our guest and club member speakers’ topics and other meeting activities included seven club members’ CVs, Hereford Sixth Form College, a talk by the Bishop of Hereford, Beauty of Japan, A Policeman’s Lot, Castles of the Marches, railways, Brian Hatton, Researching Criminal & Police Ancestors in the Victorian Period, Fundraising for St. Michael’s Hospice, The Glider Pilot Regiment, The Bentley Boys - The Playboy Racers, Our Favourite Books, Hereford Street Pastors, Social History of Afternoon Tea, Front Line Duty Project, SS Great Britain from Launch to ‘Re-launch’, L. S. Lowry - Much More Than Just Matchstick Men, All Together on a Desert Island Yet Again, Work is a Four Letter Word, Hereford Blind College, Four weeks in South East Asia, Electric Cars Herefordshire Safeguarding Adult & Children Boards, Local Railways, Being A Red Coat, The Wife of Jack the Ripper? and a presidential miscellany.

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40th AGM 14th March 2017
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AGM lunch 15th March 2017
Visiting our tree at Queenswood 8th June 2017
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Our summer event 16th August 2017 - Hereford Times report
In 2018 our guest and club member speakers’ topics and other meeting activities included St. Michael's Hospice, our (2017) Christmas quiz, '90 Years Young', Audiology Department of Hereford Hospital, The River Wye, 4 members' CVs, Magistrates, The History of the British Fire Service, The Hereford and Gloucester Canal 1793 to 1845, Iran Unveiled, 'Travellers Tales and Tripadvisor', The YSS Story, Five Musical Men, 'Glen Miller - What People Don't Know?', 'En Passant/Much Ado About Nothing', Hereford In WW2, Notes from Hereford Big Band - lead trumpet, Desert Island Discs, The River Teme, Titanic - things you didn't know, Windsor Castle fire, A. L. Lewis VC Memorial Fund, Riding For The Disabled, Bermuda, The House That John and Penny Built, 11th Hussars, A driving instructor and his humour, Call My Bluff,  Local Railways, WW1 Diary - story of a WWI soldier, HPB and the Cider Museum, Ethelbert - King & Martyr: Hereford's Patron Saint, and our 2018 Christmas quiz.
The Countess of Wessex's visit to Hereford 25th April
Members of our club meeting the Countess of Wessex during her visit to the Cider Museum
Photo courtesy of George Thomas
Summer event/BBQ 18th July
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From Hereford Times 23.8.18
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In 2019 our guest and club member speakers’ topics and other meeting activities included Rodney Street, History of GWR Camping Coaches, Travellers Tales - UAE, Romania, Rotherwas House and Park, The Best Job in the World, P&O and all that, Alaska, Sir Edward Elgar and his birthplace, Bishops Castle Railway, Harvesting & Traction Engine Restoration, Swinging 60s, Lord Carrington, Port to Port - Gloucester/Sharpness Canal, Three Lives in One, A visit to Portsmouth, A Hobbies Exposé 1 and 2, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Introduction to The American Civil War, Thomas Telford, Conversion Course at Scampton, St. Michael's Angels, Top Drawer - discussion, Cambodia, Desert Island Discs,What's My Line, Canada - transcontinental journey, The Hereford Bypass?, Churches of The Marches, The Pitchfork Rebellion, 'Countdown', Half-timbered Herefordshire, Some (club etc.) videos and our annual quiz.

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