Hereford St. Ethelbert PROBUS tree at Queenswood
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Here are instructions for finding the tree at Queenswood that we adopted in memory of Michael Morris in April 2017. Parking is charged for at Queenswood - £1 for up to one hour, £3 over one hour, disabled parking free. Please note changes to parking charges from 30th April - up to one hour will be £1.50, up to two hours £3, over two hours £4.

From the rear of the cafe follow the path to the left (Sovereign Walk):
You pass the redwoods on your left then the path bears to the left just by a board showing a map:
Fork to the right of the board and our tree is on the right hand side - there is a seat at its base. You can see the tree in the photo above left looking like it's at the end of the path.
The tree is not far from the entrance (5 -10 minutes walk).
(Our tree is the one you can see here just behind the seat - to the left).